Fort Lauderdale, FL- Have you ever dreamed of being on reality show and also happen to need a quickie divorce? Well an upstate New York resort will allow you to kill two birds with one stone by offering weekend divorce packages. Check-in as a married couple on Friday, check-out as a divorced couple on Sunday after getting some R&R in a picturesque setting.

Gideon Putnam Resort & Spa in Saratoga Springs New may already offers posh wedding packages, but it’s always wise to branch out. The divorce package offered by Gideon Resort will set a couple back about $5,000. But in the process they get access to the resorts numerous amenities which include a golf course, swimming pools, tennis courts and a spa, Fox News reported.

The hotel will provide each couple, who must be U.S. citizens, with separate rooms and their own divorce mediators to help them settle the more acrimonious aspects of their divorce, such as asset division. Over the weekend of negotiations, sandwiched in between leisure activities, a couple will hash out a divorce agreement they can present to the courts.

The biggest catch is that a couple cannot have use their own divorce attorneys, they must rely on the mediators provided by the hotel and there divorce agreement isn’t final until a judge signs the documents.

The Gideon Resort will begin offering the divorce packages, alongside their wedding packages at the end of September. The resort assured they would take steps to keep the wedding parties and the divorce parties separate.

The divorce proceedings at Gideon Springs will be run by a Dutch entrepreneur Jim Halfens who opened launched the first divorce hotel in 2012. Halfens had such success with the idea that decided to branch out and offer it to American couples. A couple can also volunteer to be filmed for a reality show entitled “Divorce Hotel” which, surprisingly, hasn’t been picked up for American television.

For some couple this divorce package may be just what they need, a weekend in a luxurious setting and neatly tied up divorce. Completing a divorce in a matter of days may sound appealing to many couples, but the reality is not all divorces are cut and dry, and can’t be settled in a matter of two or three days. Couples that have no children and few assets to wrangle over may favor a quickie divorce. They can get all the business out of the way and can move on with their lives.

However most couples have far more complicated lives and untying those knots takes more precision and thought. Our Ft. Lauderdale divorce attorneys are aware of how complex most divorces are, and will take the time necessary to assure your wishes are respected and you get a settlement you can live with.

When a couple has children, property and numerous assets and hasty divorce can be costly in the long run. USA Attorneys talented and knowledgeable divorce attorneys care about their clients and will devote their time and expertise to getting the best settlement possible.