Raleigh, NC- The mother of rapper Ludacris’ 1-year-old wants to reopen their child custody case, because he failed to disclose his current wife’s pregnancy. So this is prime opportunity to discuss how to have a child custody arrangement changed.

In January, Ludacris, whose real name is Christopher Bridges, was awarded custody of their daughter he had with former lover Tamika Fuller. A month later, Ludacris wife, Eudoxie Mbouguiengue, is pregnant so Fuller filed court papers asking the court to grant her primary custody.

Fuller alleges that because Ludacris failed to disclose his wife’s pregnancy, their custody arrangement should be changed. She claims he is a bad parent by leaving the primary care of Cai Bella Bridges up to a nanny, according to TMZ. Though that claim probably won’t fly in court.

There are a number of circumstances which would warrant a change in custody arrangements but the petitioner must demonstrate their position has changed in permanent manner. For instance, if a parent’s income was a deciding factor in their custody arrangement and they get a better job or remarry and their financial situation changes, a court Other changes such as change in family law, a parent moving to another state, permanent disability of the one parent and changing needs of a child.

At this time it doesn’t appear that any of those circumstances exist in Fuller’s case so she may be out of luck on getting custody of Cai now. But TMZ reports she is taking steps to get her life back in track, which could help her get custody in the future.

Having a child custody arrangement changed is not a simple process and requires a great deal of work so you need someone on your side, guiding you through the process. The same is true with visitation agreements.

The first stage in the process is filing a motion to have the terms changed. Since a child custody arrangement is a court order, it is enough for both parents to agree to the changes. It can only be changed with the approval of a judge. A judge will always evaluate what is the best interest of the child or children involved making it critical for a parent to have an attorney arguing their case if it is a contentious issue.

Child custody is a sensitive issue that can create a huge divide between parents. It’s easy for a warring parents to lose sight of the bigger picture and become less focused on the needs and desires of their children. Your attorney will make certain you remain focused on doing what is best for your child.

If you want to have our child custody arrangements re-evaluated or are in the midst of an ugly custody battle you need an expert in family law working on your side. The North Carolina divorce attorneys at USAttorneys will devote their time and knowledge to your custody or divorce case so you have a successful outcome.