At a time when relationships are failing to hold ground in couples, this bit of news has certainly come in as a breath of fresh air. If reports are to be believed, singer Nicole Scherzinger and Lewis Hamilton, the formula one racing champ, have decided to give their relationship a second chance. As Staten Island divorce attorneys are aware, the couple has publicly declared the termination of their relationship after seven long years of association. And, this time, it is the holiday season that has played cupid.

The turkey did it! Or was it the pumpkin pie?!

Divorce lawyer friends who are close to both parties have revealed that the romance has been rekindled after the couple shared a Thanksgiving Dinner together. The dinner was organized by Anthony, Hamilton’s father. According to newspaper reports, Hamilton was seen emerging from his house in an exceptionally cheerful mood. He had Nicole with him for company.

Both appeared to be extremely comfortable and happy with each other. Sources have revealed that Hamilton had invited Nicole for Thanksgiving to ensure that she was not lonely and had an exceptional celebration. And, Nicole not only came over but she also stayed back the night. It was obvious that she and Lewis had a sparkling time and she left appearing happy and content.

Plenty of Support

This has certainly proved to be a piece of bright news for common friends of the couple. Ever since the unfortunate split, all of whom are close to the couple have always wanted them to get back together. Their relationship lasted a marvelous seven years and ending it now would be a painful affair for sure.

Divorce lawyers who were particularly upset with the way in which relationships are biting dust are upbeat about these latest developments. They feel that if Nicole and Lewis get together, they can set a fantastic example for others. It appears they will be celebrating Christmas together as well and hopefully attending Christmas mass.

Christmas is the time you do not want to spend alone for most people. You want to be able to buy a gift for someone and understand the meaning of Christmas and cherish the anniversary of the birth of baby Jesus.