Atlanta, GA- Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star and producer Stevie Jordan had a rude awakening Monday when police arrested at him at his posh Atlanta home Monday for failing to make child support payments from over a decade.

In 1999 when Jordan, who is also known as Stevie J, ordered by a New York court to pay $6,608 a month to support his two children. That amount was raised to $8,557 in 2011 but in spite of the court’s order, he has only made a handful of payments amounting to $18, 566, and those funds had to be garnished from his wages, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

A complaint from a New York court states Jordan has never made a voluntary child support payments since the original 1999 judgment and is $1.1 million in arrears.

Jordan was taken into custody, and appeared before a federal judge Tuesday where the complaint against him was read. The compliant states that despite earning “significant income” which includes $27,000 a month since 2012 for his role in Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta, $100, 000 in music royalties over a 10 year period, and $190,000 earned between during a 7 month period in 2013, Jordan has not met his obligations, according to AJC.

Jordan will appear before a federal court for bond hearing on Wednesday and will likely have to travel to New York to answer to the charges.

Even if Stevie J wasn’t married to the woman who had his two children, he is still obligated to support them, every parent is whether or not they made their relationship official in the eyes of the law.

A divorce or parental spilt can be can be an emotionally trying time for a child. On top of the psychological problems, children also experience a decline in their standard of living, a problem that child support is supposed to prevent. It doesn’t matter if a child or children are a product of marriage or just a relationship, their parents are financially responsible for them and it is the higher-earning parent who must pay.

If a married couple decides to divorce, they need to contact a divorce attorney to discuss the issues their split will entail. For many couples, child custody and support are the primary issues that must be resolved. In some instances, a couple can work together and come up with custody and support arrangements without the assistance of a third party, but this is not true for all couples.

In reality, child custody and support can be the issue that causes the most acrimony. These are deeply emotional issues which make it difficult for a divorcing couple to be rational about. This when a divorce attorney can be invaluable, they can help a couple understand what is the best interest of their children and will fight to assure any resulting child support agreement adequately covers a child’s needs.