Domestic issues left unresolved for years can sometimes result in extreme violence or even the murder of a spouse. 

Local news for New Orleans, Louisiana reported on a strange divorce case that also included criminal activity and other unresolved legal issues.

Wife disappears after several violent years

The wife and the victim in this case was last seen at a domestic violence shelter seven years earlier. Her 48 year old husband was later taken into custody on an international warrant in Brazil as a suspect in her murder. Her body was never found.

She had initially filed for a protective order against him in 1997 and a divorce in 1999. The court documents said that he had beaten her while she was four months pregnant. Despite the severity of this incident, the couple apparently had a history of several episodes of abuse during their 16 year marriage and various other serious problems. 

There were also stories of him going to see the couple’s children and routinely violating the protective order for years, even after it was formally put in place by a judge. Other problems included him instructing their children to become violent and verbally abusive with their school teachers and administrators. It was later discovered that he had another wife in Brazil during this time, which would have legally invalidated his marriage to his wife in Louisiana.  

The husband had later fabricated stories about being involved with various special forces and counterterrorism units in the military to try to avoid prosecution. The Lafayette Police had previously investigated these claims and found that he was lying. 

At the time of the news report, he was imprisoned in Brazil and awaiting extradition to the United States. Local law enforcement in Louisiana still considers this case to be active and open, as they still do not know exactly where or when the husband murdered his wife, even though they had enough evidence to make an arrest. 

Marriages that create dangerous situations

Some relationships turn violent and stay this way for years. In most cases, the violence and related problems will only get worse if the couple stays together. 

There are actions a spouse can take to quickly get a protective order and start living apart to end their marriage. This is imperative in serious situations that include problems such as domestic violence, child abuse, or substance abuse. Once violence is apparent, it is important to contact law enforcement and get legal help as soon as possible to avoid further issues that can result in additional crime.  

Get help with family law issues or domestic violence

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