It is common for a divorce to result in some kind of extreme turbulence between the spouses. In rare cases, this situation becomes violent or deadly. 

An investigation has led to new criminal evidence in a well known divorce case in Louisiana from 1989.

Divorce case from over 30 years ago is now considered a murder 

The situation began when a man from Alexandria was in the process of filing for divorce and his wife went missing. Court records showed that this was the man’s third divorce, and all of his marriages seemed to have ended abruptly. 

The man’s wife and a friend, who were aged 34 and 31 at the time, were never seen again after they went for a ride in a Nissan pickup truck. 

This was considered a cold case for decades due to a lack of evidence regarding what happened. The sheriff who was assigned to the case is still working at the department, and he said that he has not forgotten this mystery despite the passage of decades. He said that they received some evidence over the years, but his department never really had enough information to make an arrest. All of that changed when someone who was driving near the property that was formerly owned by the husband hit a solid object in a pond. When police drained the water, they found the missing Nissan truck from 1989. 

This new evidence was sufficient to charge the man with the murders of both women. If the suspect is convicted, he faces life in prison with the possibility of the death penalty. The officer who initially started the investigation said he is upset that he cannot tell the victim’s parents that the case has finally been solved, as they have both died in the years since he first spoke with them. 

Divorces and related problems with domestic violence

Because ending a marriage involves high levels of stress and financial loss, many people start to lose their sense of normalcy and have trouble adjusting to their new, unmarried life. Anyone who is in fear that their spouse may harm them should get legal help as soon as possible. 

When a divorce becomes violent, it is certainly possible that one or both spouses can face serious criminal charges. In these situations, it is best to seek a protective order from a local judge and begin taking steps to separate and end the marriage as soon as possible. Domestic violence needs to be taken seriously, and it some situations it can escalate to more severe crimes such as murder. 

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