A man in Port Barre, Louisiana was fatally shot during a child custody exchange that went wrong

Two men argue and one is shot because of custody dispute

The 23 year old male suspect was booked into the Port Bare Jail on charges of second degree murder on a Saturday morning. He was arrested for the killing of a 27 year old man that happened at around 9 pm the prior Thursday night. 

Police believe the shooting occurred at the 200 block of Beauxis Drive during a child custody exchange, and that the victim died immediately after sustaining injuries from the gunshots. The local police chief was present for the suspect’s questioning, and the man responsible said he was acting in self defense during their exchange and argument. No bond was set for the suspect, but he was scheduled to have his first hearing that Monday morning. 

The police chief said that the incident was tragic for the small community where most people know each other. He further said that the family’s issues will likely get worse due to the victim’s death and a parental figure for the children being put in jail. The chief concluded by saying that he was praying for everyone involved and the community. 

Members of the St. Landry’s Parish Sheriff’s Department also had to assist with the investigation. It was unknown whether the suspect had a prior criminal record or history of disputes with the victim. 

When child custody issues get serious

Emotions are usually running high when child custody is discussed. Custody hearings can be an ugly situation as well, because each parent can present evidence that brings up poor character traits or past mistakes to make the other party look like they are not fit to raise a child. The judge will have to use this kind of evidence to determine how custody will be divided, or in extreme cases, a parent can have their rights to be with their child terminated completely if they have severe issues with criminal behavior, substance abuse, or violence and abuse against children. 

Getting ready for a custody hearing with your lawyer

Because of the potential for an opposing party to bring up prior problems in a hearing, it is important to prepare by making yourself look like the best possible parent in front of the judge. This can include a history of successful child care, a clean background in terms of employment and financial problems. The judge will want to see that each child can grow up in a safe and stable environment without disruptions after a divorce. There is also an attempt to not move the child around too much and break ties that they may have with a community or a school. 

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