Because documents related to a divorce need to be filed in a local court, anyone who has access to this information can learn a lot about a couple’s lifestyle. Privacy concerns should always be discussed with a licensed attorney. 

The divorce records from a high profile government employee were unsealed and released to the public in Covington, Louisiana as the possibility of criminal charges against him grows. 

Divorce records reveal expensive properties and other details

The divorce paperwork revealed a large amount of property and other items related to a lavish lifestyle that belonged to the couple. A property valued at almost $3 million was given to the wife after their separation. At the time of the report, this property was still on the market for sale. 

After the information was released, the district attorney said he would not be seeking reelection. The couple did not fight against the order to unseal the records when the gravity of their situation became apparent. They will likely be facing several different subpoenas because federal prosecutors are examining the divorce documents and other personal details due to the possibility of criminal charges. There was also a fundraising event that the couple was involved in that will be examined for impropriety. 

The full extent of the investigation was not apparent at the time of the news report, but some of the documents, including the divorce records, were several years old.  

Wealthy and powerful individuals who divorce

Divorces between people who have high net worth, or those who are public figures can be more complicated due to larger amounts of assets and additional privacy concerns. Some family lawyers have experience working with high profile clients, and they are skilled at negotiating for valuable property and other things that may be in dispute. It is important to bring any of these issues to your lawyer’s attention at the beginning of the process. 

Property division

In divorce cases, property division can become complex because there are not exact rules, and wealthy individuals may have lots of items or assets that are contested. A family court judge only has to distribute the property in a way that is equitable or fair according to their judgement. This means that each spouse will not necessarily get half of everything. One of the best ways to prepare for the somewhat random nature of property division is to plan for this stage of a divorce with an experienced lawyer. They can advise you regarding what to expect based on their history of practicing in the local courts.  

Get help from a divorce lawyer in your city

There are attorneys throughout the state of Louisiana who can assist you with filing for a divorce. To learn more, use the listings on

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