Local news for Baton Rouge reported on the lengthy divorce battle involving Louisiana based actor and singer John Schneider. The 59 year old celebrity known for his role in the television series “The Dukes of Hazzard” spent approximately two years in court sorting out issues such as alimony, and division of property he owned in California with his ex-wife Elvira. 

Actor who lived and worked in Louisiana separated from his longtime wife 

A judge had written a final order deciding a number of issues, which would totally complete their divorce cases and auxiliary issues once both parties had signed the document. Scheider was not personally present at the hearing when the final order was issued. The order essentially said that Elvira will keep their California property, while Schneider will get their property in Louisiana. Each of the properties is estimated to be worth just over $600,000. Elvira will also be awarded an IRA account that the couple managed jointly. 

Schnedier will owe approximately $25,000 in back support, as well as about $20,000 a month in alimony for each following month. He had also proposed to his new 49 year old girlfriend during the divorce proceedings. They had planned to formally finalize their marriage once the divorce to his prior spouse was over. 

Schneider was starring on a television series called “The Have and Have Nots” and performing in various music venues around the country at the time of the report. His former wife Elvira produced independent films and owns a salon in the Baton Rouge area. 

Divorces that involve large amounts of wealth and property

The media regularly reports on divorces among celebrity couples who require lengthy court battles to divide multiple properties, decide on large amounts of alimony, and related issues that require large amounts of legal assistance. While most couples will not need to spend this much time in court or speaking with their lawyers, issues such as child custody and property division can be the most significant aspects of a divorce. 

When first speaking with a divorce attorney, they may need information related to your income and assets to provide to the courts. It is illegal to attempt to hide sources of income during a divorce proceeding, so your disclosures need to be complete. However, your lawyer can work to try to keep as much of your property as possible, and ensure that they courts find a fair way to decide these issues on your behalf. 

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