Divorces, which have become almost rampant among the Hollywood celebrity crowds has also treaded into the lives of imminent sports professionals off-late. The latest to have been bitten by this bug is ex-pro baseball player Gabe Kapler. And the divorce is slated terminate a marriage that has been almost 14 years old! And, rather interestingly, Gabe has announced that he now wants his maiden name restored.

Going on His Own

Currently Kapler is engaged as an analyst with Fox Sports 1. He has filed the divorce documents in the L.A. County Superior court with the intention of ending his marriage with wife Lisa Kapler whom he had taken vows with way back in 1999. However, Gabe has not chosen to seek the assistance of divorce attorneys just yet. Instead, he has chosen to file his papers on his own. Considering that these documents are indeed complicated, this was indeed a tough call. However, probably owing to the fact that he had some strange requests to process, he probably chose to do away with divorce lawyers for this one.

Drama in the Household

Gabe Kapler is reported to have checked the specific box and has asked for the restoration of his former. He has also included “Jansen”, which happens to be Lisa’s maiden name. Despite having earned millions of dollars over his long career at MLB, Kapler has reportedly also sought spousal support. He has also sought joint custody of the kids, the couple share.

Kapler may have been pretty good at hitting a baseball but he should have taken a Catholic pre-marriage class and perhaps this would not be happening. Any pre-marriage class is better than nothing. This is just a classic tale of two people getting hitched who really do not know each other.

When Gabe was contacted about these quirky inputs in the divorce documents, he confirmed that there were clerical errors committed and he would be looking into it. He also proclaimed that he and his wife were the best of friends and the couple would be caring for each other in every way during the course of the divorce proceedings which may be tough on both of them at different times. Divorce is nothing pleasant to experience.