Long-lasting marriages like the one shared by Rita Wilson and her husband of 25 years, Tom Hanks, is essentially a rarity in Hollywood. Hollywood marriages are known to falter way before that, and the latest updates on Kim Kardashian’s 6 months old marriage could essentially prove to be a case in point.

A Movie Romance Led to the Real Thing

Therefore, whenever there is a fresh divorce brewing in Hollywood, there is hardly any element of surprise, even if the couple has been married for long enough. And the latest addition to the club is Paul Hogan and Linda Kozlowski who have decided to call it quits after a 23 year long marriage. According to divorce attorneys, the paperwork was filed by the lady.

A Sad Case

The couple spent loads of quality time in each other’s company on the sets of Crocodile Dundee in the mid-eighties. The film also had a couple sequels to follow and the marriage happened soon after the second one released. And till last month, they were in fact one of the happier couples of Hollywood, seemingly content in each other’s company. Divorce lawyers elaborated that Linda, who now uses the surname Hogan with her name has proposed to get back to her maiden name. Besides, she has also asked for physical custody, joint legacy, and spousal support for their 15 year old son.

Hogan is Confused

A divorce attorney dealing with the case proceedings claimed that the split was indeed an amicable one. And the very fact that she is completely relaxed about the joint custody of their son, clearly reiterates it! And for Paul, amicable settlements are likely to be the best way out. After all, the actor was married twice before wedding Linda. And both marriages were with the same woman. He divorced his first wife Noelene only to marry her again a short time later.

If sources are to be believed, trouble might have been brewing for a long while between Paul and Linda since they sold their joint property in Malibu, a few months ago.