Los Angeles, CA- A new study shows that men or women who have doubts about their union prior to marriage are more likely to divorce.

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles surveyed 464 couples over a period of four years and discovered that couples who had doubts before tying the knot were less likely to have a satisfying marriage.

“The question was ‘Were you ever uncertain or hesitant about getting married?’ Just yes or no. The simplicity is great because it is such a basic question,” said lead researcher Justin Lavner, “But unfortunately it doesn’t allow us to say if it’s doubts about their partner or the marriage in general. Doubts specific to the relationship or partner or are generally worse than doubts about marriage in general.”

The study, published in the online version of the Journal of Family Psychology, showed that 47 percent of men and 38 percent of women admitted that they had cold feet before their weddings. But women who had doubts were 2.5 percent more likely to seek out a divorce.

Nineteen percent of the women who said they had pre-wedding jitters were divorced four years later while on 8 percent of men who expressed doubt were divorced in the same time period. Among couples were both partners were doubtful, 20 percent were divorced at the end of the study period.

Lavner suggested, “Have a conversation and see how it goes. Do you think the doubts will go away when you have a mortgage and two kids? Don’t count on it.”

No one wants to their marriage to fail, but as we have seen, close to 50 percent of marriages don’t have longevity. When a marriage is no longer salvageable, the couple must then turn to a divorce lawyer to help them end their failing nuptials in an agreeable fashion.