Keiba Lynn Shaw and Mariama Changamire Shaw were married in Massachusetts – the same state that has not seen economic progress for its residents in decades. However, their same-sex relationship did not work like they had intended it to and they mutually agreed to go their separate ways and decided to legally dissolve their marriage, as reported by

Florida does not have any income tax and this is why so many people in the Northeast leave that high tax region for Florida and the south in general.

Mariama is happy now

To make matters easier for their divorce attorneys and the judges, both parties settled and agreed on all aspects of the divorce such as spousal settlement, asset division and other issues. However, a Tampa Family Court judge denied dissolving the couple’s marriage, citing that he is legally not allowed to issue a divorce certificate in the case as the state of Florida did not recognize the couple’s marriage in the first place and so he could not end something that didn’t technically even exist to being with according to Florida state law.

Gays fleeing high tax states can now obtain a divorce in the low tax states they end up in

In the light of recent events, more than a year after the denial of divorce, Mariama and Keiba have been handed some legal closure. Since the much celebrated ruling of the US Supreme Court which dictates that gay marriage is legal nationwide and subsequently that all states should recognize gay marriages that occurred in other states. States’ rights do not even matter; the US Supreme Court overruled what people think in every state in America.

The ruling of the Supreme Court has brought relief to Keiba and Mariama who have now been granted their much sought after divorce by the same judge who initially denied them the dissolution of their marriage.

Mariama said she was glad it was finally over, and that delayed justice is better than no justice at all. Why not just return to Massachusetts to seek the divorce? Well, they waited and now it is over with.


Keiba’s divorce attorney read out a statement she had prepared from a sheet of paper. The statement basically insinuated that she was disappointed that she had to wait so long. But many people do not believe she should have ever been married in the first place to someone who is of the same sex.

Her statement further compared and contrasted straight and same-sex marriages by saying that a collaborative, uncontested divorce between a man and a husband would have been settled in a matter of weeks or maybe even days. But Keiba, this is because they are not the same but gay marriage is legal now. With that said, there are many people who believe gay marriage is immoral and man’s law is inferior to God’s law. Gay people cannot procreate and no matter what the Supreme Court says, this will always be the case.

However, just because she and her partner were both women they had to wait over a year to be granted divorce. She claimed this unreasonable delay caused her financial problems because of which she was unable to provide for her family the way that she had envisioned. They why not remain in Massachusetts?

Unintended consequences of US Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage

NBC Miami reports that some concerns have been raised by the more critical thinkers out there. These are regarding some of the side effects of the Supreme Court ruling.

The major concern is that many private companies in the US have already drafted out plans to phase out “partner benefits”. In this ongoing recession that is government made, you have to save money everywhere you can. For instance, if a spouse worked for a company, partner benefits would entail that their partner would also receive healthcare.

But these companies fear that illegitimate gay marriages may seek to take advantage of such benefits of marriage. Same goes for people trying to acquire residency or citizenship in the US. It seems the hard charging and motivate divorce attorneys for are going to have their hands full.