Couples get into all sorts of settlements once their divorces go through and this is more apparent when the best interests of their children are at stake. The latest to join the club is Lena Headey, the ravishing queen of the “Game of Thrones” fame. Lena’s divorce with ex-husband Peter Loughran has gone through and the settlement has been sealed in the presence of divorce attorneys.

However, what has been bothering Queen Cersei is the well-being of their 3 year old son. Seemingly, Peter does have issues of driving. He is known to be careless and reckless. Lena is worried about accidents that may jeopardize the safety of their three year old, when he is driven around by his father. This could also be something that Lena is just saying to give the court a reason to grant her sole custody. How is her driving ability? How does she operate a vehicle?


As a result, Lena has now struck a deal with Peter that they both would download a wonder app that can prohibit them from emailing and texting while driving and this would be for the safety of their child on board. The app would also block Internet access while driving.

A Feasible Resolution

So now, neither Lena nor Peter would be able to send or receive text message while driving and surfing the Internet would also not be possible. As a result, there would be less chances of attention diversion. With that said, the chances of accidents would be seemingly lesser. And both ex partners have happily agreed for the same, keeping the safety of their child in perspective, observed divorce lawyers who have been dealing with their settlement proceedings.

Expensive Child

Their boy has truly become a jet setter at a very younger age though. Lena would be taking him with her for rides when she travels to exotic locations for shoots such as in Croatia, Ireland, and so on. However, all of this will come with a price for Lena, explain divorce lawyers. She will have to pay for Peter so that he can also tag along. He will receive airfare, the most cost effective kind of accommodation, and an extra $1K in order to take care of his expenses. Is the show that successful? That is one expensive broken marriage.

Lena should consider leaving the child with the father or with a baby sitter then.