Nassau County, NY- If you are just thinking about divorce or ready to get the process underway, you’ve probably already realized all the decisions you have to make. You’ve probably run all the potential mistakes that can be made through your head. Those thoughts can leave you with sleepless nights

Deciding on the wrong process

One mistake that can have a huge bearing on your divorce is choosing the wrong process. In this day and age, divorce doesn’t have to mean a long and drawn out court battle. A divorcing couple can choose between negotiation, mediation and collaborative divorce. Each one has its pros and cons and what might be right for one couple will be wrong for another.

Before you decide on a divorce process, speak with a divorce attorney in Nassau County and discuss which means of divorce will work better for your situation.

Choosing the wrong divorce attorney

Having an assertive attorney is generally a good thing, but you also need one who has finesse and is capable of compassion. You need an attorney who can be firm in negotiations, but also knows how to compromise. Divorce is so emotionally charged and choosing the wrong attorney could make tensions between you and your spouse worse.  You should be able to tell if an attorney is the right one for you during your initial consultation.

Deciding on a custody arrangement without fully understanding what it means

There are a variety of different custody arrangements like joint custody or legal cusotdy a spouse can ask for, granting each parent different rights and powers. Some custody arrangements allow only one parent to make decisions about a child’s education or healthcare. Other arrangements only allow the child to live with one parent, giving the other parent visitation rights exclusively. If you are not fully informed of all your custody options, how can you be sure you are choosing the right one?

Making false allegations about your spouse

Sometimes in heat of the moment or if things aren’t working out like one spouse thinks they should, it is tempting to make false allegations about the other spouse. This is often done out of spite and is an awful tactic some people use to get a better cash settlement or favorable child custody agreement. Making a false allegation to gain an advantage can work against a person and end up hurting them in long run.

These are just a few of the legal mistakes an individual can make, there are many more, but it’s easy to avoid them by hiring a divorce law firm in Florida to help you. Some people feel like they don’t need an attorney, but it is not easy to settle issue of child custody or asset division without a divorce expert working on their case. Once you’ve decided you want a divorce, do the smart thing and contact a divorce attorney to answer your questions and give you sound advice on how to proceed with your divorce.