Because going through a divorce is a difficult time for the people involved, the process can lead to other problems including deterioration of mental health and crime. 

A murder suicide in Lee County, Florida may have been related to a couple’s quick marriage and divorce two years later.

Short marriage ends with both spouses killed

The couple had initially met in 2017, and friends of the wife reported her being very happy at the time when they were dating and first got married. By 2019, their divorce had already been completed. 

Officers with the Lee County Sheriff’s Office believe that the husband shot his wife, then turned the gun on himself immediately afterward. Multiple neighbors confirmed hearing multiple gunshots in a short period of time that Tuesday morning.  

Just a week before the incident took place, the wife had filed papers to sell properties that were supposed to be jointly owned by the couple. She had requested money from her husband to pay for various legal and filing fees. It is unknown whether this move had caused serious problems for the couple, which would provide a motive for the husband’s actions. 

The couple was well known locally for operating a popular food truck called the Schnitzel Express. The truck served the Lehigh Acres area, and they lived nearby as well. The husband was known as a passionate cook, and his wife handled most of the administrative aspects of their business. 

Several other local food truck companies in southwest Florida made social media posts about the couple and their contributions to the local food scene. They all seemed surprised that the couple had died suddenly, as they seemed to be well liked and respected in the community, even after their divorce was finalized

Trying to separate peacefully

Because of the stress and possibility for serious problems that are common among divorcing couples. The legal profession and family courts have made progress over the past several years regarding divorce procedures. A no fault divorce along with other measures such as protective orders can separate a couple quickly and keep them away from each other to prevent violence and arguing. It is also possible to utilize some kind of legally binding mediation or negotiation process to avoid long court disputes and costly hearings. Most lawyers will work with their clients to get their lives back to normal as soon as possible. 

Get help before a divorce turns tragic

If you are going through problems related to a divorce, custody dispute, alimony payments, child support, or any other family law issues, an experienced lawyer can review your situation. To get help in the Fort Myers area, contact:

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