Fort Meyers, FL- Florida Congressmen is ready to put his contentious divorce behind him, but things hit snag last week when the trial was delayed because of his estranged wife’s leaking breast implants.

Grayson’s divorce trial was supposed to get underway last Thursday, but the divorce attorney representing his wife Lolita Grayson asked for an emergency continuance. Attorney Mercedes Wechsler said her client was suffering chest pains and required emergency surgery after her breast implants ruptured over the weekend, according to Reuters.

This is just the latest turn in what has shaped up to an ugly divorce between the politician and his wife of 24 years. The couple have five children together and have a number or assets to divide.

Mrs. Grayson filed for divorce last January, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Things began to so sour for the couple last year after the two had a physical altercation in their Orlando home. Mrs. Grayson alleged that her husband pushed her and made her fall to the ground. She filed a restraining order and the tit-for-tat began.

After that fight, the attorney representing the Congressman discovered that Lolita Grayson is actually a bigamist. Mr. Grayson alleged that although his wife knew she was still married, she covered that fact up to trick him into marrying her in 1990. He then sought an annulment. The trial to determine if Mrs. Grayson is a bigamist is slated for March, according to Reuters.

Then in October of last year, Mrs. Grayson, in a court filing, alleged that she was living in poor conditions and demanded more financial support from her estranged husband. She said the windows in her home were broken and the roof was leaking which caused mold to grow in her home. She said she is a stay at home mom with no income and asked her estranged husband to cover the repair costs.

Mr. Grayson scoffed at that notion, pointing out that he was paying his estranged wife $10K for the mortgage and financial support. He added that his wife’s housekeeping was the cause of the poor conditions in the home, and refused to pay her any additional support.

This back and forth between the Graysons is an example of how ugly a divorce can get; sometimes it’s just unavoidable. Divorce is emotionally-charged and it truly brings out the worst in people. Most couples cannot separate their feelings from the practical issues; that’s why the need a Fort Meyers divorce attorney working on their case.

An attorneys can’t change the emotions or anger that accompany a divorce, but they can keep a couple focused on the practical issues they need to tackle. Child custody, asset division and figuring out what kind of support, if any, a spouse will receive are among the many things that must be settled. A Fort Meyers divorce attorney can make it a little easier for a couple to settle these issues with as little acrimony as possible.