58-year old Charlene Wall Jeffs’ divorce attorney has served her husband Lyle Jeffs with divorce papers. Lyle Jeffs is the brother of Warren Jeffs and is the present cult leader of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, as per a Daily Mail report.

Charlene has requested for divorce from her Husband Lyle Jeffs and claimed that the Mormon culture has become increasingly more disturbing with time. She alleges that things are now even more out of control that Lyle Jeffs has taken over as cult leader from his brother Warren Jeffs.

Lyle Jeff is married to nine other women

They have ten children together and according to reports Lyle has 9 other wives within the Mormon community. Charlene claims that she was ill treated by Lyle for having a mind of her own and not knowing how to treat the priesthood. Allegedly, she was separated from her children and was not allowed to see them. She claims that her life had basically been reduced to just cooking and cleaning and her children were transferred (children may be transferred to other mothers according to the Mormon belief’s) among Lyle’s other wives.

Why would be involved or believe in a system of polygamy?

Why would be involved or believe in a system of polygamy?

Charlene further alleges that her life is at threat as she has spoken against Lyle who she says has people that solely serve to protect him. Charlene is fighting to obtain custody of two of her youngest children. She has further stated that the women of the Mormon sect are forced to sexually please each other as foreplay before engaging in sexual intercourse with a priesthood member. She does not want her 14-year old daughter to go through such things.

Divorce lawyers set to experience business boom if same-sex marriage is legalized

It is certainly true that the biggest reason for divorce is marriage. The divorce rates are simply directly proportional to the number of marriages. The US Supreme Court is soon expected to rule on the issue of same-sex marriage from a legal standpoint. Arguments for and against the legalization of same-sex marriages will be made on Tuesday before the Supreme Court to influence their verdict on whether homosexuals have a constitutional right to the sanctity of marriage.

If legalized, even states that do not permit same-sex marriages will be obligated to at least recognize such marriages that were conducted in other states. This essentially means that states will no longer be able to deny divorces to same-sex couples based on the theory that their marriage cannot be dissolved as it was never technically and legally considered a marriage in the first place.

As per Dallas Business Journal, either way, divorce attorneys all over the country expect to be a lot busier after the Supreme Court announces its decision. Experienced lawyers are of the opinion that the Supreme Court will most likely legalize same-sex marriages.

Currently, separated but not legally divorced same-sex couples face a lot of complexities. These problems include not being able to divide assets or property, essentially committing tax fraud as they don’t know if they should file their tax returns as single or married, child custody issues, etc. Giving such couples the right to divorce will serve as an absolute solution to a number of such complexities. These complexities can be mitigated if you are working with a fantastic attorney which can be found on the website USAttorneys.com.