Movie stars who marry movie stars are just passé. Remember when Joe DiMaggio was painting the town red with his love for blonde actress Marilyn Monroe? That was a different height of cool―outstanding athletes falling head over heels for svelte beauties, and the whole nation was rooting for them.

The similar thing happened when famous cornerback Jason Sehorn dropped down to one knee on the ‘Tonight Show’ with Jay Leno in 2000 and proposed to his then girlfriend Angie Harmon. Angie, who was then the skinny star of TV’s ‘Law & Order’ and she could do no better than the NFL receiver Sehorn; or so everyone thought.

Long distance did not work

13 years later, the rosy couple has decided to call it splits and found it prudent to get divorce attorneys involved. It was the same people who thought the Sehorn-Harmon marriage was the epitome of celebrity love are now digging up dirt on the estranged duo. The actress’ representative has however issued a public statement that asks media and others to refrain from making speculations and respect the privacy of the couple as they navigate a hard time in their lives, for ‘the sake of their children’. Not that anyone is listening.

Sehorn has been down the divorce route before. He had divorce attorneys finalizing his split from first wife Whitney Casey in 1999, in less than a year since they were married. For Harmon though, marriage with Sehorn was her first. And when she came public in 2011 about the challenges her marriage faced as she filmed her show, she sounded hopeful that despite the differences and the long time apart the couple would still make it through.

The happiness is gone.

Sehorn could not relocate to be near his wife?

Harmon spoke about how important communication is in a marriage and how she and Sehorn try to be really considerate of each other and work on preserving their marriage. However, it would seem all those efforts have come to naught.

No betrayal or cheating

According to sources, the main reason of the split is that both got accustomed to spending time without each other. An insider says that the pair initially missed each other a lot when Angie would have to go away for a month together for her filming, but as time passed they settled into a groove and became okay with the distance. Harmon’s three daughters are being raised in North Carolina, even though the 42 year old actress has to constantly shuffle between home and work in Hollywood. Though the decision to keep her kids away from the limelight of Hollywood may have spared her extra heartaches, it hasn’t been able to save her marriage.

Possibly too much traveling for Harmon?

Sources close to the couple also insist that there has been no cheating or betrayal of any kind from either party. The split, has not been shocking for those close to the couple as they knew that something was not right and mostly everyone blames the distance and the long periods in which Sehorn was the only one taking care of the parental duties as the sole reason behind the estrangement.

Like Marilyn and DiMaggio, this is another athlete-starlett couple that has had to bite the dust.