The terms of Lauren Silverman’s divorce from Andrew Silverman have made her family life with Simon Cowell and their son Eric complex. The terms of the divorce were negotiated when Silverman was heavily pregnant with Eric by Cowell. The terms state that while Lauren and Andrew will share custody of their 8-year-old son Adam, Cowell should have no contact with Adam for a year or Lauren will lose custody of Adam.

A Circus

Lauren gets to keep Adam every alternate week during school term and holidays are shared equally by both parents. However, this means that Cowell cannot stay in the same home as Lauren every alternate week. This requirement will mean that Cowell will have to stay in a hotel and meet Lauren and his son Eric only by appointment when Adam is at school. The requirement becomes even more complex as Cowell is busy working. Holidays too have become complex as Lauren and Cowell cannot spend time together when Adam is with her.

Simon is in a Pickle

These wealthy people made a lot of money but they certainly did not think of a child and how to make a marriage successful. Simon brought truth to America when he hosted AI and told some people they could not sing well when their parents and friends should have told them that themselves. Well, someone should have told Simon to take a marriage class before walking down the aisle.

When parents’ divorce the custody of children can become an issue of contention. As such those filing for divorce or receiving a divorce need to retain a Richmond divorce lawyer who can ensure that the child custody issues are resolved. When both parents want to play an active role in the lives of their children, they can ask for shared child custody. However, this can be logistically difficult, especially when one parent wants to relocate or start another family.

An Outside Force of Reason

Before you agree to child custody conditions it is better to consult with a  divorce attorney who can assess the conditions for their legal soundness as well as practicality. This will ensure that you do not have to renegotiate the terms all over again because they are difficult to maintain.