Simon Cowell has not chosen to speak a word about the stories doing the rounds that Lauren Silverman, the New York socialite, is actually expecting his baby! Although cameras have been following him everywhere, including his studio and home, the famed judge of The X Factor series has decided to give the media a complete miss.

Big Money; Big News

He is avoiding public glare has chosen to remain quiet. Lauren’s husband, Andrew Silverman has already filed for divorce with the aid of his divorce lawyer, citing adultery with Cowell as the main reason. The papers have been filed in July this year, in the Manhattan Supreme Court.

A Circus

If reports and inputs gathered from local divorce attorneys are to be believed, Andrew does not plan to take this easy. He has no plans for a quiet settlement and the divorce is likely to be one of the most acrimonious ones in recent times. Andrew is all out for publicly embarrassing Cowell by naming him as none other than a co-respondent in the papers filed by him.

Is it a boy or a girl?

This filing also means that 53 year old Cowell now runs the risk of having to testify and he might also have to reveal his finances. His net worth is believed to be close to $350 million! And to add to his embarrassment, he would perhaps also be asked to divulge the details of his affair with the socialite who is now pregnant with his child.

Perhaps Carry Underwood should offer some support to Cowell because of so much support he has showed her over the years. Underwood would not be where she was today, says many, if it was not for Cowell.

Strange and Unethical Family

Whereas, this development has understandably not gone down well with those related to Lauren, Simon’s mom and ex-girlfriend have been reported to have expressed joy. Simon’s mother is believed to be extremely enthusiastic about the developments and appears to be in full support. However, she could not provide an official confirmation of the news for obvious reasons. She just conveyed her best wishes to her son and is now hoping for the best.