Keeping up with the Kardashians? It’s not easy to stay updated with this family. Bruce Jenner completed his sexual transformation by becoming Caitlyn Jenner and unveiled herself to the world on the cover of Vanity Fair only months ago. Even Spokane Washington divorce attorneys thought this was bizarre. That has taken away a lot the attention from the disrupted marriage between Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian.

The saga continues

Now that the dust has settled on the Caitlyn issue, looks like the divorce between Lamar and Khloe has been put back in the limelight. The pair called it off and separated almost a year and seven months ago. However, reports that their divorce has now been finalized and the incredible divorce lawyers on know this could be a complicated situation but are ready for the challenge if given a call.

Khloe’s divorce attorney filed for the divorce back in December of 2013 so it has been a long time pending. If sources are to be believed, the love affair which initially seemed like it was going to transform into a solid marriage, lapsed and whirled out of control because 35 year old Lamar, a former NBA player, was unable to keep his alcohol and drug dependency issues in check. Khloe, who declared she loved and still loves the 6 foot 8 inches basketball player, supposedly did everything in her power to rescue her marriage but eventually she had to get out of the destructive relationship and hence filed for divorce in December of 2013.

According to insider sources, Khloe has moved on romantically. She had a brief romance with French Montana before being linked with 25 year old NBA player James Harden. However, Harden apparently cheated on her with Rochelle Reif, a 23 year old model. Many people believe Harden should have never even hung out with any Kardashian.

For Lamar though, his love life has been the last of his worries as he has had to recently endure the death of two of his close friends, Jamie Sangouthai and Bobby Heyward. His NBA career also ended in ineptitude. Encouragingly, Khloe was by his side, supporting him through every step of mourning during this difficult time. Hey, he played with Kobe Bryant, if you can survive that vanity, you can survive anything.

Blake Shelton filing to dissolve marriage with long term wife Miranda Lambert

Country Singer and TV personality, Blake Shelton, well known for his on-going role as a coach on the show “The Voice” is pointing accusations at his wife of four years and has filed for divorce, according to Daily Mail. There are Spokane Washington divorce attorneys ready to handle this divorce case if given the call.

Supposedly, he only recently became aware of her infidelity which was the last straw in an already strained marriage. Their marriage was already in jeopardy as Shelton was keen on having kids whereas Lambert did not want to be tied down by children.

Marriage going down the drain? Make sure to be the first one to file for divorce

By no means are we suggesting that you beat your spouse to filing for divorce just to rub it in their faces. However, Spokane Washington divorce attorneys agree there are some rational reasons to file for divorce before your spouse does, especially if you already know in the back of your mind that the marriage is broken and your spouse is contemplating divorce too. These reasons are mainly financial and legal advantages.

The first step is to have your financial advisor, legal team, and divorce attorney lined up in advance. Most importantly, filing first will not give time for other spouse to hide assets, etc. Furthermore, there are some legal advantages too. You get to decide which county/state the divorce proceedings will take place in, and will be given first turn to present your case.