Now that both Bruce and Lamar have both been exiled from the Kardashian clan, they are quite naturally, turning to each other for some support, state divorce lawyers who were handling their respective cases. Bruce, if reports are to be believed, also called on Lamar on the occasion of New Year’s Eve for offering him some useful advice for 2014.

Lamar can do Better

Queens Divorce attorneys have also stated that Bruce Jenner is making it his serious business to be present as a support for Lamar Odom whenever he is not busy keeping up with Kardashians. As a fatherly figure to Lamar, 64 year old Bruce has advised him to let go of all the pain that he suffered on account of his separation in 2013.

Lamar can do much Better in Fact

He also advised Lamar that he should refrain from being a viewer of the Kardashian family’s famous reality show on TV since it would do nothing else but would make him suffer. Lamar is already having nightmares contemplating that his ex wife Khloe would divulge details about his cheating and drug abuse as prime reasons responsible for the marriage. And Bruce’s advice has not been able to soothe his nerves.

Lamar did Screw Up

Bruce told Lamar that although he could hope for the best, when it comes to this reality TV show, it would be best to expect the worst. After all, the Kardashians are known to be born socialites. They survive by putting everything they have on the table. Their sole aim is to feature in juicy tabloid gossip columns! And, that is how they maintain their high profile lifestyle and social standing. A divorce lawyer friend of the duo expressed hope that Lamar believes in all that Bruce had to stay.

Some people believe this is what Lamar gets for being traded to Dallas and playing so poorly. It must have been the drugs. He killed his NBA career and it certainly did not end well.

It was earlier reported that Khloe is enjoying her newfound singleton image! She has already shed all the baggage and is now hoping to turn a fresh leaf by embracing motherhood this year. Her useless life continues.