Kenny Vines, a Lafayette police chief, was suspended for six months after he pleaded guilty for perjury charges. A Chambers County judge found that Kenny Vines, committed perjury during his divorce trial. He had apparently submitted two documents that were altered and lied about them when questioned in the court during the proceedings, according to the court records.

Vines later sent an apology letter to the court. A $100 fine and a jail sentence for five days were imposed on him. He pleaded guilty on the perjury charge and according to the misdemeanor plea agreement reached with the Chambers County district attorney he has to surrender his police certification.

Terrible Decision Making

Why would someone make divorce more complicated than it is? Why would someone risk their career just because they are going through a divorce? This should be a private matter. Now everyone knows about your issues.

Same Sex Marriages Now Legal in Madison County

Michelle Richmond and Kirsten Allysse Richmond, a same sex couple, has filed for divorce in Madison County. Their earlier divorce petition was rejected in the County since there was a ban on same sex marriages in Alabama, and the court did not consider the marriage as legal in the first place. Alabama did not recognize same sex marriages that took place in other states, according to Birmingham Alabama divorce attorneys.

After the ban was declared unconstitutional in Mobile by a federal judge, the state has been unable to reinforce the ban despite its efforts in this direction.

The couple had initially thought about moving to Iowa when they heard that the residency clause for granting divorce would be waived, but later decided to wait for the court’s decision on same sex marriages. They became married in 2012 in Dubuque, Iowa, but live in Alabama.

One of their attorneys said that the couple found their lives were on hold for a year waiting for the ruling on same sex marriages. According to the attorney, since the electronic system still did not recognize couple of same gender when filing for divorce, the papers had to be manually submitted to the clerk’s office. The division of property would also have to be settled as part of the uncontested divorce.

The couple was in a dilemma for a year since the same sex marriages were not legal in Alabama, while Iowa insisted that they should be residents of Iowa to file for divorce.

Simple Process of Filing for Divorce in Alabama

According to Birmingham Alabama divorce attorneys, the grounds for divorce can only be an “irretrievably broken” marriage; since it is a no fault state. The law also requires that one of the spouses be a resident for six months before filing for divorce in Alabama.

However, the process of filing for divorce is simplified in Alabama. It is also mandatory that property division should be carried out before filing for divorce. When the division has been done, the couple can request for a divorce without the court’s intervention, but when any issues concerning assets, debts, or custody are disputed, the couple needs to file a petition for divorce.