Phoenix, AZ-There is a prevailing mindset that a marriage is something to be saved no matter what. Some relationships just simply aren’t healthy and staying in them can actually be a bad idea, leading to long-term issues with a person’s mental health, causing them to suffer from depression.

A marriage is a partnership were two people vow to build their lives together through love and support, but sometimes that unconditional support is missing. When one spouse is overly critical of their husband or wife or fails to support them in any endeavor, they are laying the groundwork for their spouse to become depression.

A long-term study from last year conducted by the University of Michigan aimed to find out how detrimental being married to a highly critical spouse who offers them no support. For the study, researchers wanted to find out if there was a correlation between the quality of relationship individuals had with their family, friends and spouses and whether those interpersonal relationships increased an individual’s likelihood of suffering from depression.

The study which encompassed 10 years asked the study’s 5,000 participants a series of questions to determine if they were their spouses offered them support and evaluated

Questions asked included: How much can you rely on your spouse for help if you have a serious problem? How much can you open up to your spouse if you need to talk about your worries? Other questions were phrased to determine if one spouse was critical, and whether the relationship between two spouses was strained.

The study found that one in seven adults were in low-quality relationships—those that were absent support and have loved ones who are excessively critical– and were therefore prone to suffer from depression. Only one in 15 couples were in high-quality relationships suffered from depression.

“Our study shows that the quality of social relationships is a significant risk factor for major depression,” says psychiatrist Alan Teo, the study’s lead author and a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar at U-M. “This is the first time that a study has identified this link in the general population.”

The study found that quality of the relationship, instead of frequent social interactions, determined a patient’s vulnerability to depression. Dr. Teo said in the study that even if a person was socially isolated, with little interaction with friends and family, they were less prone to suffer from depression of they had supportive relationship with their spouse.

Depression affects all areas of a person’s life, being in an unsupportive relationship or facing constant criticism is not healthy. Some marriages just simply can’t survive the strife and depression, and one spouse may decide it’s time to seek out a divorce attorney and get out of their unhappy marriage.

The decision to divorce is not easy for anyone especially when they suffer from depression, but an individual’s happiness may depend on cutting ties with their spouse. While a divorce attorney cannot help a person with conquer their depression, they can help make the process of severing their unhappy relationship a little less painful by taking care of the legal aspects of divorce.