The drama of his original divorce to reality star Kim Kardashian still isn’t over, but NBA star Kris Humphries now has to struggle with another separation – his parents.

According to a new “Wetpaint Entertainment” report released on Aug. 19, Humphries’ parents are filing for divorce. The couple, which supported Humphries through his own breakup, is splitting up after separating shortly after Kardashian served Humphries with divorce papers.

The report shows that it was Humphries’ mother, Debra, who filed for divorce from her husband William. However, it isn’t clear why she decided to end the marriage.

Not only will he have to battle with his own crumbled marriage, but Humphries is now going to have to put his best face forward for his family, especially his sisters Kaela and Krystal.

While Humphries’ parents’ marriage lasted quite some time, his own matrimony ended after a mere 72 days of wedded un-bliss. Perhaps his parents’ divorce will make him reconsider some of the provisions in his own case and help speed up the proceedings.

Unfortunately though, in Hollywood, you can always expect drama.

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