Family conflictValley Stream, NY- Kourtney Kardashian could end up paying Scott Disick child support even if she manages to get primary custody of their three children.

Kourtney and Scott aren’t married, but the couple recently announced they would be going their separate ways. The couple split after photos of Disick kissing another woman surfaced. That means they won’t be able to make a clean break and will likely find themselves in the midst of a contentious child custody battle over the couple’s three children.

The New York Post reported last week that Kourtney expects a major child custody battle and sought the counsel of renowned divorce attorney Laura Wasser. The Post says Kourtney will ask for sole custody of Mason, 5, Penelope, 3, and Reign, 7 months.

The Post also spoke with a family law attorney that Kourtney will most likely have to pay child support since she earns significantly more than her estranged beau.

One of the biggest misconceptions about child custody and child support is that women always get primary custody and the man always pays child support. That may have been true in the 50s, but is no longer the case in the 21st century. Courts increasingly prefer joint custody and women who earn more than their former spouses have to pay the child support and sometime spousal support.

The couple were together for nine years, but they never tied the knot. And although the couple to live their lives on reality TV, you can bet they’ll keep their custody battle as private as possible. A source told the Post that Disick could use Kourtney’s need to closely guard her reputation as a means to secure a favorable child custody arrangement and support payments.

Couples who find themselves facing a child custody battle need a child custody attorney on their side to explain the process and help them secure a favorable child custody settlement that will ensure your children are adequately cared for. There are a lot of myths surrounding child support so it best to get answers from someone who understands New York’s child custody laws. At USAttorneys we can help you find a knowledgeable and tenacious family law attorney near your area to discuss your case with and decide the best approach to take.

Generally, child support is determined by a formula that takes income of both parents and the needs of the child into consideration. Child support can be awarded to include health insurance, medical expenses and school tuition. If need help with family law or a divorce, contact one of our divorce law firm in Valley Stream, so one of their attorneys can begin working on your case and doing what is in the best interest of you and your child or children.

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