If sources are to be believed, the controversial Kim Kardashian is now slated to tie the knot all over again. And this piece of news is clearly proving to be a bit amusing for divorce lawyers who have kept a tab on the developments of her life. Her last marriage which lasted only six months was with Chris Humphries and there was loads of conjecture about their personal lives before the marriage took place. However, it all ended too soon, as is known by one and all. And this time, Kim is all set to marry her current flame Kanye West. Well, at least probably, claim some insiders.

The woman who has never worked a day in her life still continues to be in the news.

Big Money, Big Fame

During the Paris Fashion Week, the couple spent loads of time checking out venues for exchanging vows. And the Palace of Versailles seems to be on their wish list. Reports have claimed that both Kim and Kanye immensely like the venue. The couple also spent some time at the Faubourg St. Honore Hotel which is known for preserving and valuing guest privacy. The couple finally headed to the Chateau de Versailles after the end of public visiting hours. They were duly greeted by three officials and they were ushered inside for an inspection of the property, explained a source.

Nice Premises

However, no official requests have been sent by either Kardashian or West for booking the premises. However, the storm it has managed to gather is humungous! And Kim, who is always hungry for public attention would love it for sure. As is typical of the Kardashian family, both Kim and her sister Khloe are both looking at making news all the time because they are full of themselves and have never accomplished anything in their life. So, as we all await a confirmation on all this chatter, Kim is the one who is basking in the glory of it all.

It is a psychological mystery why anyone is interested in these people. Well, at least Kanye has made some fantastic songs in the past.

So, will the marriage happen in 2014 at all? Your guess is just as good as anyone else’s. Of course even if it does it does not mean that the President of America will balance a budget like he should, cut America’s taxes, and actually make an arrest in the Benghazi murder.

Have fun Kim!