With celebrities Kim Kardashian and Kayne West reportedly set to marry soon, the Internet is abuzz with rumors of a prenup set to be signed by the most incredible Kardashian sister (the others are just average). According to reports, Kardashian is set to sign a prenup that will pay her $1 million for every year they stay married with a limit of $10 million.

Why? She makes as much or more money than him right?

She will also get to keep the Bel Air home, which will be in her name, and any gifts she receives from West. While the sums seem astronomical, one should keep in mind that Kardashian is worth $40 million and West $100 million (OK, perhaps he is worth more). Kardashian is also the mother of West’s daughter (everyone knows Kim Kardashian has been around the block a few times – just hop on the Internet and see for yourself!). Given their ages, Kardashian could lose out if they stay married for 30 years before they break up.
Does she not have enough money? Why would West agree to this?

Always a Possibility

As many marriages break up in today’s world, many couples agree to sign a prenup before they tie the knot. However, it is advisable for each party to consult with a divorce lawyer before they agree to the prenup to ensure that their rights are protected. While the initial prenup contract is used as a starting point for the discussions, lawyers for both parties can negotiate a better deal for their clients.

A Second Opinion

While no one likes to think of divorce before they marry, if you are signing a prenup, you need to consult with a divorce lawyer before you do in order to protect your rights. A prenup is an admission by both parties that there is a chance that the marriage will break up. In such a scenario it makes financial sense to consult with a divorce lawyer such as The Law Offices of Shawn Seliger who will advise only you before you sign it. The lawyer will take into account your ages as well as the relative differences in wealth before making suggestions.