Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may have wrapped up their divorce quickly, but the same can’t be said about Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries’ filing.

The reality TV star’s case has suffered a drawback after allegations that her star witness, who was allegedly pregnant with Humphries’ baby, were proven false.

Myla Sinanaj was reportedly pregnant with Humphries’ baby, but she decided to come out in the open, telling reporters that she was never carrying the NBA star’s bundle of joy.

“Myla had absolutely been telling her friends that she was pregnant with Kris’ baby,” said a source to “Everyone in Kris’ camp, including the NBA star, thought Myla was indeed pregnant. No one could get a straight answer from her.”

The false pregnancy is a setback for Kardashian, whose divorce lawyers had subpoenaed Sinanaj to tear down his claims that he had been deceived by Kardashian during their brief marriage.

“Kim’s [divorce] lawyers are certainly going to have to re-think their strategy to determine if they still want to depose Myla,” added the source. “Myla would easily be impeached under questioning from Kris’ lawyers. Yes, Kris did hook up with Myla, but they were never in an exclusive relationship.”

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