Khloe Kardashian is clearly ready to turn a new page in her life. The socialite seems to be passing through a significant transition phase after filing for divorce, explain divorce attorneys who have been handling her case against the failed basketball player in Dallas Lamar Odom.divorce

Apparently, Khloe is determined to make fresh beginnings in her life and she does not want anyone to hold her back. She went ahead and posted a message on January 31st, claiming that remaining true to herself is her topmost priority. Her message read, “The challenge is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else.”

Coming from Khloe, the quote does appear to be an inspiring one. Khloe has divorced Lamar in what was a public and immensely painful separation. Therefore, it is extremely encouraging to see that the brave girl has mustered the courage of warding off all potential critics but her circus life has really only increase the number of critics towards her and her selfish family.

Failed to Live Well in Dallas

Khloe was madly in love with Lamar and was completely committed towards his wellbeing. However, she felt that Lamar let her down by not living up to her expectations. Reportedly, he was unable to get off drugs despite Khloe’s best efforts and this was the nail in the coffin for the relationship. A part of Khloe even felt that she had failed. She did fail; she could not even live outside of LA. Many people thought her ignorance on what it is like to live in a different location was astonishing.

Her Ego is Recovering

Divorce lawyer friends feel that Lamar definitely had a larger role to plan in the divorce. Khloe was completely dedicated to the alliance. However, the separation is now a thing of the past and it is heartening to see that Khloe is now making it a point to look at her life much more positively. She is planning to undertake new ventures and make herself happy. Her fans are of course wishing her best in life and success in forthcoming endeavors. The New Year should bring a host of opportunities for Khloe and she should be able to achieve contentment and peace.

This is most likely not the case though. Her life and name are based on drama and nonsense.