Despite wrestling with her own divorce rumors, Khloe Kardashian could spare time to defend her brother, Rob Kardashian, after he was labeled fat by critics due to his enormous weight gain. Khloe’s divorce with Lamar Odom, primarily due to his alleged drug use and cheating, has been in news for some time now and it is being speculated by divorce attorneys that she might divorce Odom before the much hyped Kim-Kanye wedding.

No Skills

Well, he should leave her because what does she bring to the table? Yes, he did play for the NBA’s favorite team since they play in a large market which the NBA prefers and he did play terribly in Dallas. But she has never been anywhere, does not understand Mother Nature, does know what to do when it rains or is windy, and has never worked a day in her life. What skills does she have?

Where did this brother come from?

Furthermore, the Kardashian’s have always been there for each other and this case is no exception. In a recent interview with Perez Hilton, while addressing her brother Khloe said that losing weight in general is a mammoth task and when people expect you to lose weight faster than usual, the task becomes harder. She further stated that weight loss doesn’t happen in a day and requires tremendous amount of perseverance. Her brother Rob is working on losing weight and is feeling fine consequently, she said.

An Extortionist

Although Khloe is going through a storm in her personal life, it was nice to see her spare time to come forward in her brother’s defense. Odom and Khloe have become staple features in the tabloids for some time now and as prominent divorce lawyers anticipate, the battle will only get bitter with time. Odom, an NBA player who fell from grace incredibly fast, has threatened to make a lot of Kardashian’s secrets public if he is not paid a huge amount of money. As per inside sources, Odom is in a vindictive mode right now.

He is a millionaire himself! Why is he crying?

He is likely to make use of all types of media – TV, magazines, radio and newspapers – to unveil everything about the Kardashians. With a reckless lifestyle that includes swanky cars and endless partying, Lamar is expecting to grab around 50 million dollars from the Kardashians. Although the amount is humungous, it might not be so for the Kardashian family who have plenty of it and have never had a real job in their life.