Khloe is again feeling good in 2014! Divorce attorneys who are close to her have stated that she is now happier than ever before since detaching herself from ex hubby Lamar Odom. And it sure requires some guts to put your past behind you and start afresh. Now that the divorce papers have been signed, Khloe is feeling a whole lot relieved. Her friends and family members are extremely happy for her.

Lamar Chose the Wrong Sister Anyhow

Khloe has reportedly been on a role ever since she bid adieu to her past relationship, explained divorce lawyers who are handling the case. She has also been hitting it off really loud with her present close pal Matt Kemp, even as rumor mills continue to go overboard insinuating a relationship brewing here. Some people believe Kemp must be delusional when he could be dating someone who is far more attractive and accomplished.

She is indeed appearing somewhat pretty on the magazine cover of Cosmopolitan UK, dated February of 2014. She has also been posting some very interesting pictures on Instagram of late. Her companions are of the belief that she is indeed in a much happier space and is falling in love with her single status yet again. But then why is she hanging out with Kemp? She apparently does not care to be single at all.

Lamar will Rebound

Divorce attorneys in Hartford who are also close pals of the socialite commented that now that the stress of her failed marriage is indeed behind her, Khloe will now be ready to find a someone and begin a family as she always wanted to. Why did she take so long with Lamar then? Her New Year resolve for 2013 is that she wishes to get pregnant this year and she has been going to town about it, having no qualms whatsoever.

Perhaps Lamar played with the Lakers too long and expected those NBA favors to continue forever. Well, this is the real world Lamar.

She has been telling friends that she indeed wants to have a baby before the end of 2014. There were also rumors claiming that Khloe had been pregnant with Lamar’s child. However, that is far from true. There are no pregnancy or child issues in the divorce, explained a divorce lawyer. It is all between the two of them!