Loads of drama preceded the split between Lamar and Khloe. And, once the split went through both would have thought that the drama has ceased forever and both can now be at peace. However, the drama seems to be far from over claim divorce attorneys. The divorce has managed to cause a rift between the families of the Odoms and the Kardashians.

Wow, Odom just thought he was loathed by Mark Cuban! Odom’s basketball play in Dallas was pathetic. It was like he forgot how to play when he was traded there.

A Circus

In a recent show off, Lamar’s father lashed out at Khloe and her folks as well as family. Harsh words have also flown between Lamar and Khloe. Khloe has reportedly told the Cosmopolitan that she is indeed excited that everything between her and Odom is now over. However, Khloe has also released a steady stream of message on Instagram which seemed referring to Odom. Some of them are clearly vindictive whereas others have been suggestive of loneliness and sadness on Khloe’s part.

What has also been interesting is to note that how fast Khloe has apparently moved on. And, the new man on the block is Matt Kemp. Matt and Khloe have a clear understanding among themselves explain divorce lawyer friends. Khloe has told Matt to hold ground for a while her divorce matters with Odom are settled. And, Matt has agreed to keep matters low key until the dispute between them has been settled. Is Matt crazy? He could do so much better.

Khloe is nothing to look at!

Malicious Behavior

However, getting into controversies is not new for the Kardashians. And Khloe is only living her own life by allowing her to get embroiled into all of this. However, as a divorce attorney friend explained, Khloe is destined to get some peace of mind once the divorce proceedings go through. The interim period is likely to be embroiled in plenty of friction and animosity. Some bitterness still remains between Khloe and Lamar and the same would have to be neutralized before Khloe turns on a new leaf. The future of the relationship remains to be seen.