Reality star Khloe Kardashian and her embattled husband Lamar Odom have been struggling with the rumors that their marriage is on the verge of ending for a long time now. Albeit countless troubles have hit Khloe’s marital life time and again, she is skeptical about filing a divorce. As per several reports, Khloe fears that a divorce may lead Odom to either overdose or commit suicide.

That is better than him taking her with him though right?

Initiating the Process

The couple was seen together after a long time enroute to Kris Jenner’s home to extend their support after she split with her husband Bruce Jenner. However, there are rumors that Kardashian has already asked her divorce lawyer to prepare the papers and start the paperwork.

Doing the Right Thing

The showdown between Khloe and Odom started several months ago but the heated confrontation that ensued between them at their home recently over Odom’s drug abuse is believed to be the last nail on the coffin. Khloe insisted Odom to go to rehab which he refused, promising to kick away his drug habits on his own. But when Khloe found a pipe along with a stash of drugs in their home, she threw him out.

With a DUI arrest and marital woes looming large, Odom has been consulting scores of DUI and divorce lawyers lately. However, he has preferred to remain silent in the media. He tweeted that he has been married into a very supportive family and for all that is going awry in his life, only he has to be blamed. On the other side, Khloe has called her husband a very depressed person in the recent episode of “Keeping up with the Kardashians”. She feels nothing is working well in their marriage and it’s time to get a divorce. But the uncertainty of Odom’s reaction is what pulling her back.

Horrible Play in Dallas

Odom’s pretrial hearing for driving under influence has been fixed for November 8. As per reports, there are charges that he denied to undergo a chemical test when he was arrested. He is out on bail but may face 6 months of imprisonment if convicted. This is even worse than going to Dallas and stinking it up. Apparently Odom can only play decent basketball in LA.

The fact that the couple’s marriage is on rocky grounds is public but whether the divorce will take place is still a question on everyone’s mind.