Big shot investor Kevin Ulrich is the owner of a New York based Investment Company called Anchorage Capital Group, which happens to be the largest shareholders in Hollywood Studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

Ulrich’s divorce attorney has confirmed that the wealthy tycoon is divorcing his wife Laura Santos, an interior designer. According to court documents, Ulrich has written a check to Santos of nearly $21.5 million dollars to compensate her for her property division. He gets to keep both their Downing Street home and an apartment in Wooster Street.

Ulrich pays wife $21 million in divorce to keep houses and apartment for himself

According to the unsealed lawsuit, Ulrich whose net worth is $16 billion, considering his Anchorage Fund, purchased his former wife’s share for both the Downing Street house and another house combined for a staggering $16 million. The two had purchased the properties back in 2012 for a total of $26.8 million. Additionally, Ulrich also purchased his former wife’s share of their Wooster apartment by making a payment of just over $5 million to her, as reported by

The wealthy couple who has made countless red carpet appearances has been married for over a decade. Their legal separation hasn’t formally been announced yet but sources have confirmed that the pair has split, but maintain that the separation has been amicable and they have sorted out all divorce related issues between themselves and have to come to agreement on all fronts.

Ulrich’s wife is a popular interior designer that runs her own company called Laura Santos Interiors. The Architectural Digest featured her in an article not too long ago and had termed her a “rising star” in interior design. Media personnel attempted to establish two way communications with her divorce attorney, but she has not responded to any of the requests for comments.

Frozen embryos: a gray area in divorce

A California Court is expected to make a ruling in divorce case which may set the reference for other frozen embryo cases not just in California but throughout the United States, as reported by

The divorce is between Stephen Findley and Mimi Lee. Findley works with Bay Area Global Wealth Management and is a multi-millionaire while Lee is a neuroscientist.

Unfortunately, Lee became diagnosed with cancer in 2010. Treatment for the cancer would make Lee infertile and incapable of bearing children, therefore the couple decided to quickly freeze five of her embryos (fertilized by Findley’s sperm) so they could become parents when and if they were ready.

No children a possibility

However, their relationship has since fallen out and Findley wants the embryos gone but Lee wants custody of them as it is the only way she can now bear children.

The verdict is going to be influenced by the fact that if the judge rules in favor of Findley, she will essentially destroy Lee’s dream of ever becoming a biological parent. On the other hand, Findley’s divorce attorneys have a contract which Lee had signed, agreeing to destroy the embryos in case of divorce. Lee can always adopt.

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