Keri Russell and Shane Deary are parting ways after being married for seven long years. Since early summer several months ago, the American actress and her Brooklyn-based contractor husband have been living separately. The couple married on Valentine’s Day in 2007 and have a son River, 6, and daughter Willa, 23 months old. However, none of them are consulting divorce attorneys at the moment. Reportedly, the separation was cordial and both of them are now focusing on the children in their own way.

A Fool

In multiple interviews to the media in the past, Russell had openly discussed about how it was to be married to someone outside the industry. She admitted that her husband failed to understand the celebrity lifestyle on several occasions. She said that he couldn’t live in comfort with the limelight. For instance, if someone would click their pictures on the streets, it would be quite awkward for him.

Isn’t his life so terrible? People are getting slaughtered in Syria and he is crying about some attention coming his way.

Russell is putting her best foot forward to balance her personal and professional life now. She is shooting for the FX series The Americans in Brooklyn, New York and rides a bike to work. Her workplace is close to her home and she is enjoying being a working mom and a hand-on mother simultaneously. She believes that she can be a great parent only when she is interested in her own life. As far as the kids are concerned, the couple is putting up a concerted front and is sharing duties to drop them to school alternately. Nonetheless, Hartford divorce lawyers are predicting that the divorce may still be inevitable.

Two Losers

Apparently last week, Russell’s Brooklyn Heights townhouse was burglarized while she was asleep. The incident has intimidated the suddenly single actress but she coped well and is back to work. A NYPD spokesperson revealed that they have arrested two male suspects on charges of burglary and criminal possession of stolen items such as jewelry, a laptop, and a handbag.