While divorce is usually seen as a problematic and a stressful event, there are some very real benefits to ending a troubled marriage. 

Local news for Kentucky published an editorial about how divorce can actually help people and improve their happiness. 

Author finds that post divorce life is better than most people realize

The writer started the article with a story about a loan officer who congratulated her when she was moving and filing closing documents. The officer said that a better life usually lies ahead after a divorce. This was in contrast to many other sentiments filled with disappointment, and asking how her children were handling the situation. 

The author believes that these positive comments regarding a divorce should be shared more widely, and even published along with advice from experts. Divorces can certainly be painful, expensive, and create chaos in the short term. However, many people do genuinely enjoy their post divorce lives much more than their married lives. News, media, and other publications that speak about divorce can certainly do more to highlight the fact that life becomes more peaceful and stress free for many after their marriage has ended. 

A psychotherapist who was interviewed said that the benefits of divorce may not always be obvious or reveal themselves right away, but they are definitely important. For many people, it is more enjoyable to wake up every day without having to worry about managing a marriage that is unhappy or plagued with problems. Dealing with an angry spouse can drain a person emotionally, and life does certainly get better without that kind of responsibility. 

The therapist surveyed thousands of people after their divorces for his research. He found that many rediscover old hobbies, make new friends, and even find new talents. This is because a bad marriage essentially corrupts every area of a person’s life. It is difficult to focus on any of these things while being tied to another person who makes you miserable or constantly argues with you. People often tend to compromise too much on their hopes and dreams once they are married and make difficult sacrifices. One author who was quoted in the article said that the ambitions she was projecting onto her husband were actually her own, and she began to move in that direction after her divorce. 

The article concluded with advice related to envisioning a new life after a divorce. The positive thing about this process is that it will certainly be easier and more enjoyable than staying in a failing marriage. 

Get assistance with filing for a divorce

Many experienced lawyers have worked to make separation easier and less stressful for couples in recent years. 

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