After being separated from his wife for seven months, Kenny G has decided to file for divorce.

The 56-year-old jazz musician, whose real name is Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, has cited irreconcilable differences in his Aug. 9 petition for divorce from his wife of 20 years, Balynda Helene Benson-Gorelick.

Benson-Gorelick was the one to file for legal separation in January, also citing irreconcilable differences. She has requested full physical custody of the couple’s young child, Noah, 14, while Kenny G is asking for joint custody.

Perhaps the couple’s divorce will go smoothly, as the pair drafted a prenuptial agreement at the time of their marriage in 1992. However, having a prenuptial agreement in place does not automatically mean all the details will be upheld.

There have been cases in which a judge overthrows provisions in a pre-nup, regardless of what the couple agreed to.

Because so many things can go wrong with a divorce, it is always wise to hire a top divorce attorney to ensure proceedings run as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Divorce lawyers help you avoid major and minor complications in your case and will see to it that your rights are upheld. They can assist you with dividing property and assets, help determine child custody and child support arrangements, establish alimony payment options, and many other matters. They will also see to it that arguments between couples are kept to a minimum so as to ensure the case resolves as promptly and positively as possible.

Even if you and your spouse have mutually agreed to a divorce, proceedings can take a turn for the worst at any given minute, especially if new information is presented regarding criminal activity or infidelity. To ensure that your divorce case finalizes in your best interest, speak to a divorce lawyer to review your options and file your case.