New York, NY- Model and former reality TV star, Kendra Wilkinson said she is “leaning towards divorce” after discovering husband and former NFL player Hank Baskett cheated on her with a transsexual YouTube star, Ava Sabrina London.

Rumors of the affair between Baskett and London emerged in June, just a couple of months after the alleged tryst took place in London’s apartment. The two apparently hooked up via the internet and according to a source close to Baskett, the affair was a “one-time” deal.  London, on the other hand says Baskett paid him for sexual encounters on a number of occasions. London also claims Baskett gave him nearly $2,000 to keep the affair secret.

The news broke in June, thanks to London, and soon after Baskett moved out of the home he shared with Wilkinson and his two children. Wilkinson kicked Baskett out of their home when she confronted her husband about the affair and he didn’t rush to deny it, the Daily Mail reported.

The affair allegedly occurred in April while Kendra was pregnant with the couple’s second child Alijah. Their first child Hank IV, is four years old.

The two have been in therapy to work on their issues, but divorce may inevitable for the couple.

A source close to Wilkinson told US Weekly, “She’s hurt by Hank and doesn’t think their marriage can recover.” The source said Wilkinson feels “humiliated” about the affair and isn’t sure therapy “will change that.”

US Weekly’s source said the Wilkinson is focused on the children, and will decide if she will file for divorce after the summer.

Cheating is very hard on a marriage and is one of the number one reasons couples seek divorce. A recent survey of 15,000 couples revealed that 37 percent of participants admitted that cheating compelled them to seek out a divorce attorney to end their marriage.

It’s difficult to get hard data on exactly how many men and women cheat on their spouses. According to estimates between 40 percent and 60 percent of men and women will cheat on their spouse at least once. The feelings of denial, anger, rejection and betrayal can be difficult to conquer and forget. For many people, once a spouse has cheated, they break a sacred bond of trust that can never be repaired and divorce is inevitable.

Infidelity can not only bring about divorce, but it can sometimes affect the final settlement and issues of child custody.

If a couple is filing for a no-fault divorce, it is unlikely that infidelity will weigh heavily on the final divorce outcome. But cheating can have an impact on out-of-court child custody and property division discussions. If one spouse can prove the cheating spouse is guilty of bad conduct, physical or verbal abuse or neglect as a result of the affair, this may give them leverage to secure a more favorable settlement. To see if infidelity will affect the outcome of your divorce, you need to contact a top-notch divorce attorney by your side.