The season 2 premiere of the show KUWTK was more eventful than it was perhaps deemed to be! As divorce attorneys watched the proceedings closely, Bruce and Kris announced their separation to the rest of the family. However, the news seemed to have the hardest impact on Kendall.

Splitting Up

She broke down immediately and began crying because, as things stand, the Kardashian sisters will no longer be her sisters anymore after the split. Also Kris and Bruce seemed perfectly at home with this separation, Kendall appeared devastated. She found the idea of tearing the family apart, clearly devastating. How about one of these sisters making a sex video? What does she think about that? What does she think about the nation’s economy and unemployment rate?

How Far Deep Does This Fantasy Land Mindset Run?

Much to the relief of divorce lawyers, both Bruce and Kris attempted to explain the situation to Kendall. They attempted to convince her that things would remain the same even after the split. They explained to her that Kendall could still be sisters with Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe and there would be no barriers between them. However, they failed to convince Kendall. She was of the opinion that once the split goes through the family would also be split into two!

However, as divorce lawyers watched in intrigue, Kendall’s anger quickly melted away into sadness as she tried to come to terms with the reality. In fact, Kendall had some idea of what was coming. She has mentioned something to that effect in the last episode of this reality series. As far as the Kardashian sisters are concerned, they appeared to be highly attached to Kendall and were even protective towards her.

A Happy Ending

Therefore, no matter what happens to the Bruce and Kris equation, it has now been proved that Kendall would never be deserted by her sisters. She can remain friends with them for as long as she wished.  How soon the couple needs a divorce lawyer remains to be seen. However, Kendall has little cause to worry!