Kelly Rutherford’s custody battle that has been raging on for quite some time with her ex has become increasingly hateful. Divorce attorneys have learnt that a court order has been issued asking Kelly and her ex-husband to speak politely with each other. And, in certain cases, they have also been legally bound to follow a script while talking. The custody orders that have been issued by the court has spelt out precisely what Kelly and her husband can and cannot sat and how they are supposed to behave around their kids.

Clearly, the court is of the opinion that the way in which the couple has been behaving is bound to have a negative impact on the young minds.

A Bilingual Advantage

The custody orders which were spelt out by the concerned divorce attorneys mentions that Daniel cannot converse in German, whenever the couple meets for carrying out the settlement proceedings. In the past, Daniel, whose mother tongue is German has always chosen to trash Kelly in this foreign dialect since she did not understand it well. Both were instructed to exchange friendly and polite greetings and converse only in English so that both can understand each other well.

You may be thinking this is hilarious and pathetic. They should have attended a pre-marriage class and perhaps this would not be happening. This is just terrible that is has come to this.

Sticking to the Words

In an event where the kid does not want to leave the company of one parent, the court has provided with a script for the same as well. In such an event, the parents must say, “Have a great time with [other parent]. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” He or she also needs to call on the other parent and ask him or her to come and help. Although this scripting thing might sound crazy at the outset, it will certainly help in taking the aggression off the interactions, feel divorce lawyers. Besides, Kelly is after all an actress! She should have no problems working along with a script!