Falling in love or falling completely out of it is nothing short of a number game for the entire Kardashian family and as divorce attorneys in Charlotte NC will vouch for, the odds are absolutely not in favor! There have been 11 walks for Kardashian couples down the aisle. However, only one out of these 11 trips has actually not terminated in a formal divorce or a separation! And this includes the Kardashian sisters, the late Robert Kardashian and Bruce Jenner.Kayne West

An Immoral Family

However, scary as they seem, these stats are not enough to thwart the progresses of hip hop star Kayne West. He has decided to brave all odds and has planned to propose to the one woman who he has apparently been in love for several years now. And it’s none other than the gorgeous Kim.

A Family that has Accomplished Little of Substance

In order to mark the 33rd birthday of Kim, Wayne reportedly hired an entire stadium in San Francisco City only to pop the all important question to her! However, odds seem to be piling up against then. The recent announcement of the split between Bruce and Kris, who have been with each other for as long as 22 years, divorce attorneys in Charlotte NC now report as many as 7 divorces in the extended family.

Only One Daughter is Attractive

Interestingly, the only family person to remain married till he died was the late Robert Kardashian and his wife Ellen Pierson. They were married just about 2 months before Robert succumbed to cancer. And interestingly, the one relationship in the family that has proved to be most successful, does not involve marriage! This is the one between Scott Disick and Courtney Kardashian.

One Kardashian Daughter is also a DUI Recipient

Interestingly, Kim also seems to have found love in Wayne. They have been friends for seven years and also have a child, Baby North, born on June 15th. Earlier, Kim had caused a public outcry when she filed divorce from Kris Humphries, who was her second husband, in a matter of just 6 months.