The FBI arrested a former bookkeeper of the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana, Texas, accusing him of embezzling more than $16 million from the company and using the money to fund an extravagant lifestyle. According to the Corsicana Daily Sun News, two days after the arrest, his wife, Kay Jenkins, files for a divorce claiming her husband’s illegal activities as the reason.

Many are speculating that Mrs. Jenkins filed the divorce and cited fraud in order to avoid charges against her for the crimes he committed. Corsicana residents are not buying it and said she knew about her husband’s embezzlement and joined him in the spending.

Mrs. Jenkins filed for divorce two days after her husbands arrest. In attempt to keep their possessions, Kay listed her husband’s fraud as the reason on her divorce petition. She asked for their Corsicana home as well as the lion’s share of their assets.

Mr. Jenkins allegedly wrote checks to his personal creditors then fixed the bakery’s books so it looked like the company was paying its own bills with the money. Authorities allege that Mr. Jenkins printed checks with the president’s electronic signature Jenkins then went into the accounting system and made it appear that the checks were voided. Jenkins did this over the course of eight years.

The Collin Street Bakery has gotten involved in the divorce the Jenkins’, according to a petition filed last Tuesday in the Navarro County Court at Law. The bakery has sued Jenkins’ in attempt to get its money back, and there are legal freezes, both civil and criminal, on the couple’s credit cards and bank accounts.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has also stepped in to intervene in the divorce between Sandy and Kay Jenkins, arguing that any assets the couple owns should be forfeited.