Katy Perry has been in news for all sorts of reasons and of course her divorce with Russell Brand is no fresh news for divorce attorneys or the general public. However, the most recent comment made by the pop star has set tongues wagging and raised questions on her sexuality. Katy has revealed that she had once fallen in love with a girl. And this was reportedly her first love! According to a report published by a popular website, Katy has stated that she found her girlfriend in school extremely beautiful and attractive when she was 15 and still in school.Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Katy is Gorgeous

Speaking about the episode, Katy told a divorce lawyer friend that she truly liked her girlfriend, idolized her, and wanted to be like her. The girl reportedly had a huge impact on her life. However, she never told her how she felt. Katy, now 29, was married to funnyman Brand Russell. The couple divorced in 2011. She also made a public statement proclaiming that she indeed felt bad for a period of at least 2 weeks post their separation. Katy expressed how she felt about her marriage in her album titled Prism. Speaking to the media, Katy had then said that she had wished to call the album Adult Reality.

Katy is Cute but her Intelligence is Questionable

For her, the name “Teenage Dreams” seemed inappropriate since it felt like her being perched on a cotton candy like cloud, floating in the air before being punched hard in the face and pushed down a ladder, not once but several times. Clearly, the divorce with Russell had left Katy deeply bruised. Reportedly, Russell declared his plans to divorce Katy via a text message. In fact, if reports are to be believed, he even abused her. However, “irreconcilable differences” was cited as the prime reason behind the divorce, stated divorce lawyers.

Russell may be a goofy man but if he abused Katy, Russell would not have another girlfriend now, would not have jobs lined up, and Katy would have said something. That thought is hogwash.