Katy Perry isn’t one to get down over trivial matters like divorce. With her career skyrocketing and success abounding, she doesn’t have time to wallow during what would have been her second wedding anniversary with ex-husband Russell Brand toward the end of the month. Instead, she is doing what every normal celebrity would do – throw a divorce party.

Perry and Brand would have celebrated their wedding anniversary on October 23rd, which coincides with Perry’s 28th birthday two days later, so Perry has decided to celebrate both together.

“Her pals have been persuading her to have a huge party or go to Vegas for a few days but Katy decided on throwing a small gathering at her home, “said an unnamed source to The Sun.

Brand was the one to file for divorce in December 2011, 14 months after the couple was wed in India – the same spot where Brand proposed. The divorce was then finalized this July. Brand cited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the split.

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