Katy Perry, who is well known for her dedication and hard work, seems to be following the same example when it comes to her love life. The “Roar” singer seems like having an industrious streak for anything and everything she wishes to do in life. In a recent interview which also had divorce attorneys in attendance, Katy revealed that she actually had a longstanding crush on her present boyfriend John Meyer.

Katy is Gorgeous

And the crush stemmed way back from 2012, when they both actually got together as a couple. When she was asked if she actually had a movie crush, Katy revealed that she was lucky enough to be dating her crush and that she had this crush for a long time. She also expressed joy that she and Meyer were really getting along very well and she was extremely happy at the way things were shaping up at the moment.

Her Coveted Squeeze

Divorce lawyers stated that although Katy chose not to elaborate on her statement, she must have referred to a time about 4 years back in 2009. This was when she changed the lyrics of the song “Ur So Gay” to “I can’t believe I fell in love with John Meyer.”, during a concert. If this is to be believed then the crush is indeed an old one. It is too bad she does not sing a song though about the state of California which is being ran into the ground by high taxes and job killing regulations.

A Worldclass Cutie Katy Is

As most are aware, Katy was married to celebrity comedian Russell Brand, not so long ago. The marriage took place in 2010 and the couple divorced last year, ending their remarkably short stint as man and wife. Speaking to a divorce attorney friend, Katy commented that she really enjoyed being married. She explained it as an experience that was new, exciting, and fun. However, clearly moving on from where she was post her divorce, Perry also explained that she believes that whatever happens, happens for a reason and she is indeed happy with her state of mind right now.