Katy Perry, the hit maker of Roar fame, has confessed that she is indeed a horrible cook! In fact, in a recent interview given to a German magazine, Katy explained that she was in no hurry to prove her worth as a typical American housewife. She also stated that her culinary skills were kind of absent and that she cannot even boil an egg. Yes she can do this but who cares if she cannot cook? She can afford to go out to eat, have food cooked for her in her home, and plus, plenty of guys will cook for her.

She is On Time to Sing her Songs

She also explained that being on time is not her thing and that she inherits this from her mother. She also confessed to her affinity for sweets. As Las Vegas family attorneys would be aware, Katy’s 14 month old marriage with comedian actor Russell Brand ended in 2012.

No One is Perfect

The 29 year old was in a fairly candid mood when she clarified that being perfect all the time was not her type of thing. There are times when she does experience a bad hair day or her face swells up because of an acne blowout and according to Katy, it is absolutely fine to be seen that way. According to her, it is not important to be perfect in order to be successful.

She is just trying to push people away because the attention gravitating towards her is immense. She is so gorgeous that none of this matters and what she is saying is not a big deal really. No one is looking for her to be house wife anyway. If you hang out with Katy, you know she is a musical artist, and who cares if she does not know how to make lasagna. As long as she does not smoke crack like Whitney did!

Divorce lawyers who went through the interview also mentioned that Katy seemed to be in a particularly easy mood post her divorce. It was reported earlier that the actress was having a tough time getting over her marriage emotionally, even after the divorce went through. However, that seemed to be a thing of the past according to a divorce lawyer friend.

Katy is Supreme

Katy also spoke about her family in the interview. She divulged that her parents were conservative Christians and she was not allowed to do several things like staying over at friend’s places or watching too much television. Katy also said that this habit has stayed with her and she still does not watch too much television. Why would you when you have so much money to play with and so much shopping to do!

Why does she hold up a “W” though saying west coast on SNL though? That is kind of strange. Is she Tupac?