It has been close to a year since divorce attorneys have dealt with the much publicized divorce of Hollywood actor Tom Cruise and his ex-wife Katie Holmes. Both share a daughter, Suri Cruise, who has also been very much in the limelight, all thanks to the divorce case! Katie has won the custody of their daughter and the settlement has also been a huge one, as is of course understandable (but it is still her fault she married a Scientologist and chose not to be in The Dark Knight). And Katie is clearly moving on big time. News of her warming up to heartthrob George Clooney has been doing the rounds of late.

How old is he?

If sources comprising of divorce lawyers are to be believed, both met at a dinner party organized by a common friend, and got along like a house on fire. 34 year old Katie was also a special guest at the premiere of Clooney’s latest worldwide release, Gravity (which did not have any character development). According to an entertainment magazine report, George and Katie have been familiar with each other over years and have met several times through Tom, when Katie was still in the marriage. They always enjoyed each other’s company.

Sparks Glitter

A close divorce lawyer friend of Katie’s has also revealed that she always had a crush on George and now, since both are single, they are openly enjoying each other’s company. However, the friend also insisted that the romance or the association was far from serious. If the buzz is to be believed, both Katie and George are indeed having loads of fun and are thoroughly enjoying the flirtations as of now. After all, George is known to be a fun guy and he is proving to be great company for the free spirited Katie.

Other people say Clooney can do much better than Holmes and these two do not make any sense in hanging out with each other. Clooney should also be more attuned that the President he supported in Barack Obama is performing worse than Jimmy Carter, which says a lot, which is hurting America domestically and abroad.

Although there is not much to write home about at the moment, it would be interesting to see which route the relationship finally takes! More updates could be pouring in soon!