Many things changed for Katie Holmes when she got married to Tom Cruise nearly six years ago: her cute smile, upbeat demeanor and even her name.

Sources say Cruise insisted on calling the lovable “Dawson’s Creek” star “Kate,” even though she never went by anything else but Katie.

Now that TomKat has gone to Splitsville, Holmes is taking back her life – and her name. Even professionally, the 33-year-old starlet continues to refer to herself as Katie, leading her fans to believe that the spark inside of her everyone grew to love still remains.

It wasn’t until Holmes was pregnant with the couple’s daughter, Suri, that Cruise began referring to her as Kate.

During an interview with All Headline News, Cruise explained, “Katie is a young girl’s name. Her name is Kate now – she’s a child-bearing woman.”

It was even rumored that Holmes would change her name “after discussing it with Tom,” much like the way she converted to Scientology.

Luckily for Holmes, the name never stuck and she continued to go by Katie, which is what her friends and family still call her today.

Katie Holmes is also getting rid of another name that didn’t stick, Mrs. Cruise. The actress filed for divorce last week and the drama has clearly just begun.

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